Tips for choosing suitable mixing equipment to lift your business


Companies of all sizes and industry sectors are facing the challenge to plan for future growth in any workplace, and more importantly sustainable growth means implementing strategies in all aspects of the company. There is no doubt that equipment is one of the biggest expenses for manufacturing companies and choosing the right machines is the only way to achieve a strategic, cost effective budget aligned with future goals. In the case of a pharmaceutical company, for example, which is a growing area. As people are typically living longer, many countries are experiencing higher rates of population aging than ever before. Nowadays people are more interested in healthy lifestyles, medications, multivitamins and nutritional supplements. Which require production and processing equipment must also meet the market growth and product quality needs in order to satisfy consumers. Choosing the right mixing equipment is important for many chemical, food, and ingredient companies because a quality and suitable mixer can help improve product quality, efficiency, and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Type of powder mixer:

What is a powder mixer? We produce mixers to mix different kinds of powder materials until get the final product that customer need. The most common types of mixing equipment in the market today are as follows:

The mixing agitator of the conical mixer is single screw or two screws, which rotate around their own axis (rotation) at the same time, but also with the rotation around the conical vessel to do circular motion. Material will be lifted through the spiral, forming a combined movement of shear, convection, and diffusion in the cone.

It consists of U-shaped tub body, ribbon agitator and drive unit. The outer ribbons push the materials from both sides to the center, and the inner ribbons transfer the materials from the middle to both sides, forming a convection mixing.

It consists of a conical tub body, vertical ribbon agitator, high-speed chopper and drive unit. During operation, the spiral mixing blade create a helical upward movement for the outer material, the material in the middle spiral falls down under gravity. In addition, the high-speed diffusion effect of the chopper can help achieve a very high mixing effect.

It consists of a cylindrical mixer body, mixing agitator with ploughs, choppers and drive unit. During operation, the plowshare does high-speed circular motion, material is divided into two directions by plough heads to form a two-way material flow. When the material passes through the high-speed chopper, it will be spread and thrown again to form convection mixing.

Consists of W-shaped chamber, double shaft mixing agitator and drive unit. During operation, the two shafts rotate in opposite directions and drive the paddles at different angles to turn the material along the axial and radial cycles. Under the action of high linear speed, the material is thrown up in a state of weightlessness after falling, forming cross-mixing.

Applications in various industries:

There are completely different requirements of production processes and equipment for different industries. For example, it requires the construction material to be corrosion resistance and heavy-duty design in chemical industry, surface roughness, contamination control and FDA for food industry, GMP for pharmaceutical industry, etc. S&L can offer tailor-design solutions for our customers based on different requirements. At the same time we are pleased to share our experience in mixing technology over these 30 years.