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Conical Screw Mixer

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Conical Screw Mixer


Conical Screw Mixer, also famous known as Nauta Mixer, consists of a conical shape vessel,

Product Description

Conical Screw Mixer, also famous known as Nauta Mixer, consists of a conical shape vessel, top drive unit and screw agitator. The screw lifts the materials in a spiral upward flow and the arm orbit the vessel to remove the materials away from the vessel wall and deflects them into center of vessel. The mixing screw is suspended from an orbital arm, which rotates the mixing screw along the conical inner vessel wall causing convective mixing of particles and shear. It is a gentle mixing and minimal heat generation without any product distortion. Big batch capacity and simple design is widely used in various industries. It's especially suited for delicate products and processes where very accurate results are required and is synonymous with gentle mixing of large volumes of up to 50 000 litres.


● Gentle mixing with minimal heat generation for free flowing material
● Large batch capacity
● CIP cleaning design is optional
● Liquid Injection at top through reducer shaft
● Heating/cooling jacket and vacuum drying design is optional
● Complete Discharge


● Dry Powder
● Dry Powder with liquid additives
● Slurry
● Paste

Depending on the needs of the customer, our machines assume additional features to fit the relevant task.

Detailed Description

A. Mixed effects
The standard conical mixer has two stirring spirals, one long and one short. In actual applications, single (one long spiral) or three (two short and one long symmetrically arranged) spirals can be used according to the size of the equipment.

B. Cooling and heating
Various types of jackets can be added outside the mixer barrel, and the material can be cooled or heated by injecting hot and cold media into the jacket. Industrial water is generally pumped in for cooling, and steam or thermal oil can be introduced for heating.

C. Add liquid and mix
The liquid spray pipe is connected to the middle shaft of the mixer and connected to the atomizing nozzle to achieve liquid addition and mixing; by selecting specific materials, acid and alkaline liquid materials can be added for powder-liquid mixing.

D. Pressure resistant type
The cylinder cover can be made into a head type, and the cylinder is thickened to withstand positive or negative pressure, and at the same time it can reduce residue and facilitate cleaning. This setting is often used when the mixer cylinder needs to withstand pressure.

E. Feeding method
It can be fed manually, fed by vacuum feeder, or fed by conveying machinery. In a specific process, the mixer barrel can be made into a negative pressure chamber, and a hose can be used to suck dry materials with good fluidity into the mixing chamber for mixing, which can avoid residues and contamination in the material feeding process.

F. Discharging method
Standard equipment generally uses a plum blossom-shaped "dislocation valve". This valve fits closely with the bottom of the long spiral, effectively reducing the mixing dead angle. The driving form is manual or pneumatic. According to user needs, butterfly valves, ball valves, and star valves can also be installed. Unloader, side discharge, etc.

Our sophisticated production equipment, skilled teams, advanced production procedures, and plant facilities all work together to create a full production line tailored to your unique requirements. We provide a broad range of vessels and reactors, all of which are made in accordance with the requirements and procedures of our clients.

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