Shuanglong Group Co., Ltd.

Since S&L set up the first workshop in 1989, quality and consumers are at our core. Today, we are the trendsetter in bulk material mixing technology in China and we continue to make our mark worldwide. We provide a comprehensive range of various industrial mixers; from powder mixers to vacuum dryers and reactors. All suitable for food, pharmacy, chemistry, life science, environment industries etc. Our experienced engineer team considers customers requirements, provides unique solutions or even anticipates potential leads. With almost 30 years experience and knowledge, we are more than ready to provide our professional opinion and services to you.

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Collaboration with global partners are able to help maintain the constant advancement of our technologies. Furthermore, our skilled engineering personnel is on the line of creating new approaches to solve our clients processing requirements. Our consistency on fostering an environment where innovation is pleasent, where we build a practical application of patents and also the technology development during the daily process of fabrication.  All these bring S&L technology to the forefront.


Shuanglong Group Co., Ltd.


Started the business of mixing and processing equipment in various industrial applications.

Shuanglong Group Co., Ltd.


Registered as S&L Mixer Company and relocated to a new plant in Shanghai.

Shuanglong Group Co., Ltd.


International business began to accumulate export experience. Became the Double Shaft paddle mixer OEM partner of a Korean company.

Shuanglong Group Co., Ltd.


As the ribbon Mixer OEM partner for a company based in the United States.

Shuanglong Group Co., Ltd.


Registered as a group corporation integrating motor, mill, pump and other businesses.

Shuanglong Group Co., Ltd.


OEM partner for Israeli company customized drawings.

Shuanglong Group Co., Ltd.


Honored as High-Tech enterprise in Shanghai.

Shuanglong Group Co., Ltd.


China's first and only mixer manufacturer to participate POWTECH exhibition bringing five industrial mixers.

Shuanglong Group Co., Ltd.


S&L wins the largest market share of ternary battery (lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide) mixers in China