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Between the preferred path of waste prevention in terms of sustainability and the dumping of that waste which is not sustainable, there lies the broad space for recovery, recycling and re-use. The limit of our resources defines the process parameters. The machine and plant design have to meet a clear challenge: to take responsibility for future generations by finding intelligent technological solutions which are then also subject to constant innovation - and to promote them in a global manner. Our engineering-based industry must provide sensible solutions which clearly indicate the advantages. 
All waste and residual materials have their own demands in terms of the treatment required. It calls for a high degree of experience in dealing with these materials and detailed knowledge how these materials behave to enable them to be treated to best effect and to develop suitable systems.
Shuanglong provide:
● A fully loaded mixer can easily be restarted by our design
● Continuous concrete mixing for mass output, delivers bigger hourly volumes and cost less
● Anti-wearing replaceable agitators like paddles
● Robust and easily maintained mixer
● Using a frequency inverter for motor control permits the agitator’s speed to be adjusted variably during the whole mixing cycle for better processing time and energy savings
Typical applications:
Bio-solids Dilute Acid Sludge
Fly Ash Drilling Mud Building Rubbish
Dust Used Tires  


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