quality Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery is particular about the order of materials

quality Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery is generally used for mixing viscous or cohesive powders and granules, as well as adding liquid and pasty materials to powders and granules. At the same time, due to the characteristics of difficult cleaning of viscous materials, it is suitable for large output and infrequent Mixed when changing varieties.

quality Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery

quality Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery can mix two or more materials and has a wide range of applications. Mixing of powder and powder, powder and liquid can be carried out. It can also be used for materials with very different specific gravity and relatively large powder particles, and the mixing uniformity is good. Especially for the mixing of materials with different specific gravity, it shows its advantages.

The properties of the materials are different, and there are differences in the feeding. For the production of the additive premix, it should follow the method of step-by-step expansion from micro mixing to small mixing to medium mixing and then to large mixing. The correct order of adding materials should be: the components with large proportions are added first or most of them are added into the machine, and then a small amount and trace components are added on top of it; among various materials, the components with large particle size are generally Put into the mixer first, then add the ones with small particle size; when the specific gravity difference between materials is large, generally add the materials with small specific gravity first, and then add the materials with large specific gravity. The quality Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery is added to 60-80%, which is a good mixing effect.