What's the benefit of Shuanglong patented lump breaker?

Lump Breaker, also known as chopper, is to help breaking lumps during mixing process, especaily with liquid spraying during material mixing handling.

S&L Chopper Standard Design

  • Sealing: Labyrinth seal & air purge seal
  • Structure: multiple blades / petalled knife
  • Power: 4KW~5.5KW 
  • Speed: 1440rpm / 2880rpm 
  • Construction Material: Mild Steel/SS304/SS316 Blades, with hard metal welding
  • Completely assembled and ready for installation


  • The cutter head is available in multiple forms to suit different applications.
  • Our S&L Chopper adopts a coaxial structure design with good concentricity and long life. Chopper speed can be 2880rpm.
  • Combined seal with labyrinth seal and air purge seal functions perfectly. The air pressure is 0.5 bar. The air consumption is low, the seal is reliable, and there is no risk of pollution.
  • The integrated structure is practical, no dead angles of mixing and cleaning after installation. 

For mixing with lumps

  • The S&L Chopper is with high efficiency, specially designed for breaking up multiple lumps in bulk powder material. It consists of the upper and lower flange, horizontal rotating shafts equipped with state-of-the-art blades. The precisely designed blade spacing prevent lumps get through the chopper part without cutting. Its design is proven to provide an easy and efficient process of losing compacted lumps into a finer and controlled granulated product.
  • During the bi-cooperation of mixer and chopper, the progress is without generating excessive dust and fines. All this is to get the qualified product for businesses of all sizes and types. The sealing rubber is with FDA certificate. The outstanding sealing result protects non-contamination vessel condition and prolongs the life of itself.
  • All this allows for more effective product mixing by the main mixer to improve product consistency. It is now widely used in our horizontal ribbon mixer, plowshare mixer, and vertical ribbon mixer.
  • Now the chopper is popular and accepted for chemicals, minerals, salt, sugar, food products, pharmaceutical, and many other industries.

Add into your list

We recommend this added into your mixer spare parts list. Short delivery time help you save the time cost. After the order received, the choppers can be ready for shipment within 7 working days. For small damage, blades can also be replaceable with small adjustment by customer self.