S&L presence at FIC 2019

Shanghai, China, Mar 18th,2019, Shuanglong starts her show at Food Ingredients China 2019 (FIC 2019) in National Exhibition & Convention Center. Food grade industrial mixers fabricated by Shuanglong with biggest share in China market are fully proved as an excellent replacement for imported mixer from Europe, which are always high cost, long delivery time. Especially for those joint ventures with world famous brand, they always show their deep interests in our food process mixing machine with high requirements and we are happy working with so many nice partners like below.
S&L brings 5 lab mixers, which are paddle, ribbon, ploughshare, vertical ribbon and conical screw mixers. We met one Taiwan customer. After communications, he is happy finding a solution supplier instead from Europe and showed his great interest.
The show time in FIC is also colorful; someone makes ice cream on site and other feeds flour to the machine and come out with delicious hot noodle. All of us enjoy the advancement of technology now. Of course for your reference, all of those raw materials pre-mixing can be finished by S&L mixer.
FIC has the high level industry activities, great quality and large scale and scope and provide a solid platform between supply and demand side and also between domestic and overseas industry. Top 5 areas of the customers we talk are from Chinese food paradise, Guangdong, Malaysia, Turkey, India and Mexico; all of above areas are with large population. 
We find so much foreign exhibitors this time, it reveals Chinese food market is now getting bigger and bigger and attractive to abroad. Most of the Chinese exhibitor brings their advanced products and give visitor a surprise, the machines are not inferior to foreign products at all. 
From ingredients to all kinds of machines, as long as you are in food industry, it’s worth for you to visit. As for S&L, as long as you need to mix powder, granule or with little liquid material, you will find solution here at our booth.
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