S&L Visit 20th CAC at Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China, Mar 7, 2019, Shuanglong Group Co., Ltd., a leading supplier for fertilizer and pesticide mixer visit the 2019 20th Shanghai International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC 2019), which was taken place from Tuesday Mar 5 through Mar 7 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre.
CAC China is organized by CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry every March in Shanghai. Having experienced 19 years’ development since first launched in 1999, CAC has become world largest agrochemical exhibition. Many of visitors and exhibitors are S&L’s old friends and partners, both parties exchange ideas on current and future trends.
S&L mixer is widely used in agrochemical industry for pesticide and fertilizer. The pesticide is used to prevent, eliminate or control diseases, insects, grass and other harmful organisms endangering agriculture and forestry. Chemical fertilizer is made by chemical and / or physical methods containing nutrient elements of one or more crops. It is also called inorganic fertilizer, including nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, microelement fertilizer, compound fertilizer and so on. It provides all the nutritional elements for crops. 
Shuanglong provide turnkey line including dosing, conveying, mixing, packing with auto control system. We are proud to so many loyal and friendly partners like SQM, Arysta, Cargill, Hailir, K+S, Sanonda, Syngenta, etc.
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