S&L Plant Renovation

Headquarter located in Nanxiang Industrial Develop Zone, Jiading District in Shanghai, S&L covers area of 150,000 square meters, calculated construction area 78,000 square meters, now has started the renovation work, brand new look and better symbolization of bright future coming soon. 
Taking into account the necessary functions of keeping historical characteristics of our company, there are not too much changes in the original building structure, basically maintaining the original layout. Mostly brushed and reinforced on the appearance, entire cleaning and replacement of most equipment for interior offices and more personal paces are done. We hope that through these changes, S&L will become the new destination that shows diverse lifestyles and try to make everyone feels comfortable and warm welcomed.
As the leadership of mixing industry, S&L always adheres to his own dedication and perseverance, complies with the situation of domestic and international economic development, and continuously introduces advanced technology, which will make the road of the enterprise wider and wider, and go faster.
Please look forward to our further progress...