S&L Holiday Arrangement of May Day

Dear Partners,


Thanks for your continuous support and trust in Shuanglong Group over these years! May Day, also called International Labor Day is coming soon. We'd like to share our holiday's arrangement as follows:


May.1st- May.5th, 2021 (Saturday to Wednesday)
April.25th (Sunday) + May.8th (Saturday) are working days as normal.



S&L Group wish you have a happy holiday.When you enjoy the beautiful scenery with family and friends during the holiday, please pay attention to self-protection, wear disposable masks and travel safely whether you choose public transportation or self-driving. Don't buy or eat any wild animals. It's responsible for everyone to keep us safe as well as our property.




If you have any questions about powder mixers during holiday, pls feel free to contact us for timely support. The emails received during the holiday will be handled ASAP after May.6th. Also lead time of current orders will be postponed, please make your arrangement in advance!

Ms. Susan Wong+86-138 1822 0699
Mr. Terry Yu+86-156 0161 3150
Ms. Carly Lee+86-130 6162 6597
Ms. Rain Chan+86-130 6162 6595



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