S&L Attends 2018 Gaogong Annual Meeting at Shenzhen, China

On December 19-21, “Li Yuanheng•2018 Gaogong Annual Meeting for Lithium Battery & Battery Electric Vehicle” was successfully held in Shenzhen, China. More than 800 high level administrative representatives were participated in the meeting from whole new energy vehicle industry chain like materials, equipment, battery cells, BMS, PACK, vehicle, operating lease and etc.
Shuanglong Group was honored to be invited and was benefit a lot from this grand meeting. Some info for this industry is shared here.
1. Market Concentration Ratio
Currently, the market concentration ratio is about 40%-50% for equipment and NCM/NCA while it is over 70% for vehicle battery. In the future, the ratio for material will increase. The vehicle battery will maintain a certain high ratio within the next two years, and is expected to be dispersed in the future.
2. Scale Production Plan
Overseas vehicle battery companies plan to produce more than 65GWh in China and global scale capacity is to exceed 200GWh, which is a big challenge for Chinese batteries. E.g. core component companies will definitely be deployed in the Chinese market. In addition, overseas battery companies are accelerating their presence in markets such as Europe and the United States.
3. Sales Volume
Overseas vehicle battery companies accounted for 40% of global selling in 2018, which is nearly 6% increase than in 2017.
4. Cost Price
The cost price difference between lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary power battery is RMB 0.15-0.3 /Wh. It is concluded by GGII the rough material cost for lithium iron phosphate is about RMB 0.45. In this case, the space is limited if using ternary materials.
5. Market Demand
The market demand is to be expected to exceed 800GWh in 2030 for China domestic market with the output value of more than RMB 650 billion.
6. Material and technology Upgrading
It is rapid growth for power batteries. The selling for high-capacity active materials is nearly 15,000. Obviously, the material and technology upgrading is requested urgently. 
As a supplier of lithium battery positive electrode mixing equipment and lithium battery negative electrode coating mixing equipment, SHUANGLONG will take this opportunity to further equipment improvement. With technology core advantage, our equipment will perform more reliable and stable in practical applications.
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