S&L @ 14th China International Battery Fair

14th China International Battery Fair

Sponsored and undertaken by China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association and Shanghai Maishi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., with the theme of "Integrating European Market and Focusing on New Carbon Emission Regulations", the 2021 China International Battery Industry Cooperation Summit will be held on Mar.19-20, 2021 at Shenzhen Exhibition Center. As the only Eurasian industrial cooperation conference in the field of new energy batteries, China International Battery Summit mainly focused on three major issues including European market trends, development & requirements in key areas, European investment environments and industrial integration.



S&L Group @ CIBF 2021
Date:  Mar.19-21, 2021
Venue: Shenzhen International Convention & Exhibition Center
Address: Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian Central District, Shenzhen 
Booth No: 7T029, Hall No. 7




S&L Equipment
Plough mixer
Plough Mixer is the indispensable choice for mixing lithium battery material like ternary precursor. It consists of a horizontal shaft and mixing elements. The mixing elements can be ploughs or paddles. There are multiple feeding ports, vent port on the top and central discharge port at the bottom on cylindrical vessel body. The two end plates provide support for mixer body. Choppers are popular for such kind of mixing. Drive system is independent from vessel body. With the ploughs and choppers, it forms a centrifugal convection movement during mixing. The best mixing is complete in a very short time and now widely used in Lithium battery industry.

LPH Plough Paddle Dryer 
Drying process is essential in processing high nickel product. S&L Group has developed the latest plough paddle dryer in close cooperation with leaders in Lithium battery industry. This equipment consists of a horizontal shaft and agitator with reasonable distributed mixing paddles after static balance process. Heating jacket cylindrical vessel body has multiple feeding ports, vent port, thermometer, pressure gauge, sample device and central discharge valve at the bottom. The two end plates provide support for mixer body. Choppers can be added into mixing considering if the material is single crystal or polycrystalline materials. Driving system is independent from vessel body. With the paddles made of special material, the wet mixture convectively moves along the cylinder and gets fully heating and uniform drying in a certain time.  


GBF High Temperature Coating System
Horizontal Reactor is the key equipment for coating and granulation of anode lithium battery material. The whole equipment adopts horizontal structure, and cylinder body is circular structure and welded with both end plates. The material is heated by thermal radiation from an external heating wire and maximum design temperature could be 650 ℃. The material temperature could be adjusted between 350-650℃ and variable production temperature can be achieved. All this can well meet the needs of production conditions of high efficiency and variable temperature. The equipment could be stable and durable working in high temperature working condition.



China-Europe Battery industry integration
The European Commission issued a clean transportation strategy, announcing that by 2030, the greenhouse gas emission target will be adjusted to 55% at least, compared to the 40% reduction in 1990.  In order to achieve this goal, emission standards for new cars in 2030 will have at least another 50% reduction on the basis of 95 g/km from 2020 to 2021.


Increasingly stringent emission targets and the subsidies of new energy supported by major European countries have played a decisive role in the trend of the new energy vehicle market. As a strong and traditional country of vehicles, Germany will further increase its subsidy by 50% from 2020 to 2025, which means it will be the core main country for new energy vehicles in Europe. Although Norway has no subsidies, it has achieved purchase parity by imposing heavy taxes on fuel vehicles as well as new energy vehicles. In 2020, the penetration rate of new energy in Norway is as high as 60.8%, which becomes the country with highest penetration rate of new energy vehicles in the world.


In the context of reducing carbon emissions, large auto enterprises have stepped up their efforts to transform vehicles into electrification. Daimler Group plans to launch more than 10 types of pure electric vehicles by 2022. To achieve the long-term goal of accumulative sales of 26 million pure electric vehicles by 2029, the Volkswagen Group plans to invest 60 billion Euros in hybrid power, electric mobility and digitalization in the next five years. And BMW is going to launch 25 hybrid models and 12 models of pure electric models by 2025. What's more, Europe surpassed China for the first time in 2020, becoming the region with the largest sales of new energy vehicles in the world. Many new energy companies list Europe as an overseas market that must be considered.


Currently the "2030 Battery Innovation Roadmap" released by EUROBAT (European Automobile and Industrial Battery Manufacturers Association) made expectations for the entire battery market and segmented areas. The association's membership covers more than 50 countries and represents more than 90% of the automotive and industrial battery organizations in Europe. After 7 years and 35 rounds of negotiations, the China-EU investment agreement reached a consensus, which is even more significant. Chinese leading companies in Lithium Battery fields are eager to try and go overseas. 


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