Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery Installation Requirements

Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery is suitable for the mixing of powders and granules with good material fluidity and little difference in physical properties, and the mixing of materials that do not require high mixing degree and short mixing time. Because the material flow in the container is stable, it will not damage the material. Original shape, because it is also suitable for mixing granular materials that are easy to break and wear, or finer powder, lumps, and materials with some moisture. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. Its mixing can be divided into three types: solid-solid mixing, liquid-liquid mixing and liquid-solid mixing; according to the mixing form, mixing can be divided into two types: simple mixing (non-dispersive mixing) and dispersive mixing.

Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery

Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery is suitable for the mixing of dry granules or powders, generally suitable for total mixing, and each mixing is a batch number. When the equipment rotates around the rotating shaft for one cycle, the materials in the equipment are combined one by one, and when the equipment rotates continuously, the materials are separated and blended many times to achieve uniformity.

Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery installation has height requirements:

1. Supporting parts and purchased parts should meet the corresponding product standard requirements, and should have a product certificate.

2. The surface of the weld must not have defects such as cracks, pores, arc craters and slag inclusions, and must not leave slag and spatter.

3. The transition between the shell weld and the base metal should be smooth, and no obvious irregular shape is allowed.

4. The edge welds between the spiral blades should be ground to smooth.




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