Performance characteristics of Plow Paddle Dryer

Plow Paddle Dryer is a horizontal agitating dryer mainly based on heat conduction. The main structure is a W-shaped shell with a jacket, and a pair of hollow low-speed rotating hollow shafts are installed inside. Several stirring blades are welded on the shaft. The jacket and the hollow stirring blade are both connected with heat carrier, and the two heating surfaces heat the material at the same time. The heat carrier is usually sent from the middle of the dryer, passes through the surface of the material layer in a stirring state, and is discharged from the other side. Wedge-shaped hollow blades are densely arranged on the hollow shaft. The heat medium flows through the blades through the hollow shaft. The heat transfer area per unit effective volume is large. The heat medium can be water vapor or heat transfer oil. Indirect conduction heating does not carry the air to take away the heat, and the heat loss is only the heat dissipation from the insulation layer of the body to the environment. The wedge-shaped paddle heat transfer surface has a self-cleaning function, and the relative movement between the material particles and the wedge-shaped surface can wash off the attached material on the wedge-shaped surface. It is suitable for drying granular and powdery materials, and can also dry paste materials smoothly.

Plow Paddle Dryer

Features of Plow Paddle Dryer

1. The material residence time is adjustable, which can handle high water content materials and obtain extremely low water content materials.

2. Typical conduction drying method, energy saving, large conductivity coefficient and high thermal efficiency.

3. All the required heat is supplied by hollow blades and jackets to reduce exhaust humidity. Just add a small amount of hot air, the dust entrainment is low, the exhaust gas is easy to handle, and no auxiliary equipment such as dust removal is required.

4. The paddles have self-cleaning ability, the paddles rotate in opposite directions, and the two slopes of the blades repeatedly stir and push the material, so that the paddles have a unique self-cleaning ability.




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