Occupational Health Examination

Occupational Health Examination Organized

At the end of September S&L organized occupational health examination for frontline employees at Shanghai Jiading Central Hospital, workers at work positions that may have dust and noise hazards participated.



Harmful Factors in the Front-line Positions

As we all know, it's hard to avoid harmful factors in the front-line positions of machinery manufacturing enterprises.

1) Metal and mineral dust can be generated during polishing of mechanical parts, causing Pneumoconiosis.

2) Large amount of welding dust and harmful gases generated at high temperature during electric welding process. Higher concentrations of welding dust can also cause Pneumoconiosis.

3) Ultraviolet rays generated by electric welding, gas welding, sub-arc welding and plasma welding can cause electro-optical ophthalmia if there's not enough effective protection for the workers.

4) During sheet metal process, hammers, grinders can produce strong noise and vibration, which can cause damage to hearing.

5) As the painters working environment with benzene, which can cause skin and mucous membrane irritation in the contact person under poor ventilation, and cause damage to the nervous system, liver, kidney, and hematopoietic system, and people may die from heart failure.



@ Shanghai Jiading Central Hospital

In order to improve the occupational safety and health management, guarantee the occupational health and life of our people, S&L arranges health examinations for workers in positions involving hazardous factors. Through physical examination, we can find out if our workers have occupational disease in time, then offer targeted prevention and treatment. The physical examination items covered all items that can basically confirm physical health including internal medicine, otology, blood routine, urine routine, liver function, and electrocardiogram, etc.



During the examination, doctors shared basic knowledge of occupational health and prevention measures, analyzed the examination status, put forward health evaluation and prevention suggestions, so that everyone can be fully aware of their health status in time, at the same time acquired the knowledge and prevention of occupational diseases.


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