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About S&L
- Shuanglong is the first Chinese mixer equipment exhibitor
- Real Mixer presentation way build your trust in us.
- Some of our parnters reference in Europe below
Meet S&L at Powtech 2019
With the experience at Powtech 2017, 2nd show for S&L is to be full of confidence. With the help of the excellent booth builder Demagy, the exhibition will be very much anticipated. To show our sincerity, you will see four exquisite equipments in this exhibition. Those are: Fully Pull-out clean Plough mixer, double vessel vertical ribbon mixer, double shaft paddle mixer and plough share mixer with jacket. You can more intuitively understand the wide supply range of Shuanglong mixer. Let you solve all kinds of mixing challenges in one-stop. Fine fabricating technology is worth comparing with the "Made in Germany" quality. As the theme of our exhibition, it is easy for you to find a reliable, economical and customized perfect mixer solution supplier.
Review S&L presence at Powtech 2017
Sep 26-28, 2017, S&L made her first show at POWTECH 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany. For such kind World Leading Trade Fair for Processing, Analysis, and Handling of Powder and Bulk Solids, S&L brought 5 mixing equipments to exhibition site. Successful exhibition was guaranteed thanks to the professional S&L export team. Take a look at the highlights of S&L at POWTECH 2017!
Shuanglong gains lots from POWTECH 2017, which not only makes the European market know the brand of S&L ®, but also wins the recognition of customers, succeeds in obtaining orders and creates more OEM opportunities. Here we share with you the success project of POWTECH 2017 from our customer’s factory in Greece. Thanks for our partner trust in S&L.



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