Introduction of Plow Paddle Dryer

Plow Paddle Dryer is an advanced agricultural equipment, which is the product of combining traditional drying equipment with modern technology, and has the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy saving. This dryer adopts a new structure, which can make the grain evenly heated, winded and moistened, so as to achieve the purpose of drying quickly and maintaining the quality of commercial grain.

Plow Paddle Dryer

With the development of agricultural production, how to store and dry grain scientifically has become an important issue. The traditional grain drying method generally adopts drying in the sun or placing it in a ventilated place in the room to dry naturally. Although these methods are simple and easy to implement, there are many disadvantages, such as limited weather conditions, reduced food quality, and environmental pollution. However, Plow Paddle Dryer can achieve efficient, safe and environmentally friendly drying under any weather conditions, which perfectly solves these problems.

The main features of this dryer are double-sided interaction, plow blades and solar heaters, while the bottom also has an air outlet and drain pipe. When in use, the grain is placed in the center of the machine, and is stirred up, down, left, and right by the wooden plow, rotating and turning the grain so that the grain is evenly heated by the wind. The solar heater can quickly provide a high-temperature drying heat source, which effectively improves the drying efficiency. The air outlet and drainage pipe can effectively discharge water vapor and exhaust gas, avoiding secondary pollution and ensuring a clean environment.

In addition, another important feature of Plow Paddle Dryer is energy saving. Built-in solar panels convert solar energy into electricity and store it for later use. This can not only reduce the energy consumed in the grain drying process, but also save energy loss during grain storage, bringing great economic value to agricultural production.