Industrial mixer Tips for Flour Products

How to make bread and desserts with different flavors? How to make fried food taste better? Flour is definitely the answer. By mixing flour with different proportions of food additives, manufacturers can make various flavors and types of flour products. Therefore mixing is an indispensable and most important part of the production process. Flour manufacturers from all over the world purchased mixing equipment from S&L. And we can always provide the best mixing solution for customers according to our experience.


Application - Baking Flour

Raw materials for baking mainly are made by mixing flour with different proportions of sugar, yeast, salt and vegetable oil. For this application the materials are relatively easy to mix, so many type mixers are suitable, such as double shaft paddle mixer-WZ series, horizontal ribbon mixer- WLDH series and vertical ribbon mixer – GPH series However, if you want to achieve the best mixing uniformity within shortest mixing time, double shaft paddle mixer-WZ series is the best choice. The only issue we need to overcome is how to clean. Specially designed paddle mixer with retractable shaft developed by S&L can fully solve this problem. Absolutely there is no concern if you need cleaning thoroughly after changing the formula.




  1. The equipment adopts positioning photoelectric switch and automatic control system. When the main shaft is pulled out for cleaning, the photoelectric switch makes the retractable shaft stop at a suitable position to avoid agitator elements interference when it is pulled out                                                                            

  2. Generally the reducer and retractable shaft are designed as a direct installation structure, which makes it smooth and easier to pull out the agitator.                                                                         

  3. Guide rail and tank chain design to make shaft pull out easily. Quick clamp and grooved sealing on end plate can achieve better sealing effect                                                                         

  4. Cleaning doors are available on both sides. Bomb door discharging port can minimize the residue at the bottom of paddle mixer. For materials with good flow ability, 100% discharge can be realized with no mass retention.                                                                                                                                                  


Application – Fried Food Flour

The chicken nuggets, spicy chicken wings and other fried chicken foods we usually eat in KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, etc., mostly are made with a layer of flour on the surface of the food. Many flour suppliers add various flavors to their flour raw materials to make fried food with different flavors, such as original flavor, black pepper flavor, spicy flavor, spicy rattan pepper flavor, etc. To produce these flavors, liquid seasonings or various flavors and spices will be added to the flour raw materials. The recipe and taste of each batch will be different. Therefore, mixer has to be cleaned and operated easily.




  1. To avoid material agglomeration after adding liquid additives, high-speed choppers are required to the mixer for de-agglomeration. So the mixer type with chopper design including vertical ribbon mixer-GPH series and plough mixer-LDH series are quite popular choices for our customers.                                                                                                                                                   

  2. Nowadays, vertical ribbon mixer-GPH series is more highly recommend because of its complete discharge and easily cleaning structure from side cleaning door.

  3. It has to be mentioned that under sealed environment, flour can easily explode after reaching a certain concentration. Normally all electrical elements include motor, safety switch and solenoid valve has to be dust ex-proof standard.                                                                                                                                                  




Mixing flour is actually quite easy. We can provide tailor-designed mixing solution for customers according to their production process, plant limitation and specific needs. We have different customers from China, Southeast Asian countries,North and South America, with different habits and using experience of mixing equipment.


S&L has been committed to providing flour products manufacturers with high-quality mixing equipment over these years, hoping to help our customers make better quality products, which will be safer and more delicious.