How Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery is used in the lithium battery industry

Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery is widely used in the lithium battery industry, but for a long time, many manufacturers have been unable to solve the problems of sealing and spraying. Let's talk about some precautions in production:

1. First of all, it is recommended to set the speed of Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery according to the basic parameters of the manufacturer, and not to change the speed to meet customer requirements.

Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery

2. Sealing Generally speaking, air seal plus packing seal.

3. It is recommended that in order to fully mix, the blade width of the ribbon should not be less than 5cm (for 4 cubic Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery)

4. Suggestion for discharge: If you are worried about dead angles, use conventional cylinder openings and use cylinders for control. If you use gate valves or pneumatic rotary valves, the model configuration should be as small as possible, because the fluidity of lithium battery cathode materials is relatively good. .

5. Control part: It is best to use a load frequency converter for the frequency converter.

6. The barrel is sprayed or bonded with tetrafluoroethylene.

7. The ribbon of Ribbon Mixer for Lithium Battery is most recommended to use three sections, for better disassembly and maintenance in the future. It is recommended that the spiral belt should be machined by turning, so that the running distance from the cylinder can be guaranteed. It is not easy to wipe the wall.