Conical Mixer for Dying Auxiliary Shipped

Good news for delivery
Partial delivery for four sets of conical mixers in the industry of dye auxiliary is done successfully. It is for a new established company located in China. They are building production line of dyeing auxiliaries with an annual output of 2000 tons. Other mixers for this order are to be delivered in October soon as well. 


What is dye auxiliary?
The definition of dye auxiliary is to make the processing operations more effective, such as the process of preparation, dyeing, printing and finishing, or some essential chemicals to achieve a certain effect. In order to achieve special finishing effects, such as washing, abrasion, waterproof, flame retardant, aromatic finishing, deodorization and color deepening, some textile additives are also needed.


Sodium Sulfate in China
As an important kind of raw material that often used in printing and dyeing industry, Na2SO4 is a neutral sodium salt with annual demand taking up about 20% of our country's total output. This is a really typical auxiliary. It can be used to adjust the dye uptake rate of the fiber, to make the color brighter in direct dyes and reactive dyes; as well as a retarder in acid dyes.


Typical process for dye auxiliary


Mixing process for textile dyestuff & dye auxiliary
In the last few years, the production and market development has been healthy and rapid in China's dyestuffs, additives and organic pigment industries. The rapid development has greatly increased the demand for dyestuff and textile chemicals. The dye industry and the textile industry rely on each other, which means China's dye industry has a huge market prospect, and demand for textile auxiliaries has also increased due to our country encourages the export of high-value-added textiles and clothing. This is an important opportunity for our country to further develop textile auxiliaries, but while seeing the vigorous development of printing and dyeing auxiliaries, we also objectively recognize the shortcomings of the auxiliaries’ production process.


At present, most of the mixer structure on the market is quite simple. The internal design of the mixing equipment is not suitable for printing and dyeing auxiliaries, for example there's large space of dead corner during the operation of mixing. Without sufficient mixing it's very easy to get accumulation and precipitation, and cause poor mixing effect and low working efficiency.


Why can S&L conical mixer get perfect mixing?
- Material physical characteristics: We understand well for the material physical characteristics, especially the flow ability. This is the basis to define a perfect solution.
- Driving system: Matched power with heavy loading gear box can provide stable driving supply
- Oil leakage prevention: This is a critical issue in such kind mixing process. Whatever the fully welded screw arms, or the perfect sealing design, all make the mixing safe without risk for oil leakage pollution.
- Suitable rotation speed: It is not always helpful on mixing with high screw rotation speed. It is best only when it fits your application.

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