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Product Name:

Ploughshare Conche

Product Category:

Chocolate Refiner


Refining is an important step after fine grinding. During the process, chemical and physical functions occur simultaneously.

Product Description

▋ Introduction

Refining is an important step after fine grinding. During the process, chemical and physical functions occur simultaneously. Including and not limited to forming a rich and perfect chocolate flavor. The refined product is converted to be a well flowable suspension of sugar, cocoa and milk powder in cocoa butter (and other oils).

▋ Features

● Multi-functional plough paddle can effectively combine the flavor process of mixing, drying, cutting and  refining
● Excellent flavor, melting properties and texture
● Remove  awful  flavor  substances,  enhance  Wonderful flavor compounds
● Ideal Ultimate Moisture Content
● Low rheological value
● Shortened  refining  cycles  by  the  controlable  energy introduction
● High flexibility, suitable for all kinds of formulation
● Flexible module control concepts based on formulation, especially for industrial production
● Low unit power consumption

▋ Structure

▋ Options

Water heating and cooling system

Feeding control slide valve

PlC control

Discharging valve
(strainer included)

Chocolate discharging pump

Manual sampling device

▋ Internal Closed - Loop Heat Exchange Device Of Hot And Cold Water

The closed water circulation system of the refiner can effectively provide accurate control of heat conduction, regardless of the input or removal of additional heat of the material, it can meet all specified target process requirements.

With the large area of the heat exchanger, Inter￾acted with the proportional control valve to achieve the purpose of temperature control;The temperature control system and the heat exchange actuator are installed separately on the machine control panel. Those two systems are independent and easy to maintain .

▋ Refining Principle

Direction of rotation;right (R)

If the direction of rotation is right (pointed end first),this creates a tangential projec- tion effect with axial conveying compo- nents.The blades lift the rolled material high and hurl it axially towards the walls. A fast turning rotor produces a liquefying effect. This results in a good mixing and drying effect.

Mixing effect

Drying effect

Direction of rotation;left (L)

If the direction of rotation is left,the material being pro- cessed in the conche is drawn into a unevenly curved wedge gap.The constantly chaning consistency of the mass continuously provides a matching shearing gap.This direction of rotation promotes the shearing and emulsifying effect.
The material is subjected to general shearing force, and is also subjected to great tensile shear to obtain greater shearing force, so as to strengthen the effect of energy input.

Shearing effect

Plastic effect

▋ Step


 Dry Refining is the main stage for loss of moisture and volatile matter.

2.Dry Refining

 Pasting is the most important stage for inputting high energy, smoothing solid particles and enwrapping particles with fat. 

3.Wet Refining

Wet Refining and beating make further reduce on viscos ity and fully mix raw material including spices.


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