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Dryer Mixer with Dimple Jacket

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With the development of material process, the mixer is more and more used for multi-functional mixing.

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Dimple jacket is one of the most popular jackets for dryer mixer. That is a mixer with a thin external shell affixed to the vessel shell with spot welds onto the potions of the vessel. The cooling or heating medium flows through the jacket.
With the development of material process, the mixer is more and more used for multi-functional mixing. The dryer mixer could be applied for mixing material with max 70% water content and dry it through heating jacket together with vacuum. For some particular material, the drying effect could be 0.05% water content at last. The basic design of dryer is a stationary horizontal cylinder, which is top loaded and bottom discharged. The standard tools are plow-shaped and radiate from a horizontal shaft that is supported by outboard bearings. Other mixing tool designs are also available. 
This dryer operates according to the proven "fluidized bed" mixing principle whereby the materials being reacted are maintained in a mechanically fluidized suspended state, thus permitting the reacting mediums, gas-solid, or liquid-solid, to achieve intimate contact with each other and the heat transfer surfaces. 
Heating jacket and vacuum design is needed. During mixing and drying process, the material will be dried through heating jacket transfer heat into vessel. Then, huge steam pressure will be happen inside vessel and take steam out by vacuum pump. According to different applications, different kind of mixer and mixing agitator could be used. We design dryer mixer comply with pressure vessel code to ensure safety use and quality.


● Heavy duty design with adjustable shaft speed
● Horizontal or Conical Vessel Dryer
● Multiple heating medium
● Vacuum design for vessel
● High speed chopper for de-agglomeration requirement
● Jacketed Vessel with heating and cooling
● Denaturated starch
● Calcium soap
● Organic compounds
● Moisture Material
● Sludge
Suitable Mixer Type:
● Plough Mixer
● Twin Shafts Paddle Mixer
● Ribbon Mixer


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