What are the characteristics of Plow Paddle Dryer

1. The Plow Paddle Dryer has a compact structure and a small footprint. According to the structure of the equipment, the heat required for drying is mainly provided by many hollow paddle walls densely packed on the hollow shaft, while the conduction heat of the pincer wall only accounts for a small part. Therefore, the heat transfer surface of the equipment per unit volume is large, which can save the floor area of the equipment and reduce the investment in infrastructure construction.

Plow Paddle Dryer

2. High heat utilization rate. The heat required for drying is not supplied by hot gas, but the heat loss caused by hot gas is reduced. Due to the compact equipment and less auxiliary equipment, heat loss is also reduced. The heat utilization rate can reach 80% ~ 90%.

3. The wedge-shaped blade has self-cleaning ability, which can improve the heat transfer effect of the blade. The dispersion force generated by the combination of the inclined surface of the rotating blade and the particle or powder layer movement makes the material attached to the heating inclined surface automatically and easily removed, so that the blade maintains an efficient heat transfer function. In addition, because the two-axis blades rotate and expand in opposite directions, the materials on the slope are alternately compressed, and the materials near the heat conduction surface are violently stirred to improve the heat transfer effect. The heat transfer coefficient of the wedge-shaped blade mixing dryer is relatively high, ranging from 85 to 350 w/(m2k).

4. If the natural gas consumption is small, some auxiliary equipment can be reduced or omitted accordingly. Since there is no need to heat with gas, the amount of gas is greatly reduced during the drying process. With the Plow Paddle Dryer, as long as a small amount of air, it can carry evaporation to generate moisture. The amount of gas is very small, but under the condition of dry working temperature, the drying system will not condense dew.