Struggle with Hot Weather

According to the data from The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, there are totally 21 days with high temperature (daily maximum temperature≥35.0℃)in this August. You know, Shanghai is always such an enthusiastic city, just like the high temperature!


Struggle with the heat
In this August, The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau repeatedly announced High Temperature Warning Signal. And it keeps breaking the records. However, S&L staffs keep the enthusiasm and stick to their jobs all this summer, especially the staff on production line. They have been struggled with the heat to push production forward and ensure lead time.

They devoted themselves quietly and showed the strong sense of duty and high morale faced with such hot weather. Our colleagues in front line continue to proceed in an orderly manner to keep stable production for our mixers.


Keep service on customer’s site
One of our customer complained to us that the mixers they purchased from other supplier kept leakage for the sealing section. However, the supplier was unable to provide an effective solution for a long time. Our technicians were invited to their factory to give help on such a critical issue. The final success proved our professional know-how. In such hot days, we provide service to our friends even which is not our product. S&L won the high praise from our partner, with the sweat of our people's hard work, highly responsible work attitude, and excellent pre-sales and after-sales service.


Loving care from S&L
It is important to prevent heatstroke and offer a better comfortable environment to our staffs on production line in such burning weather. More fans are provided to the workshop area. Salt soda water is provided to our staffs to replenish water and sodium chloride in time. Heat prevention supplies such as towels, soaps, cooling ointment, etc are provided as well. In addition, work time is adjusted to 7:00 - 11:30 and 13:00 -16:30 to guarantee everyone has enough rest at noon. Through this series of measures, the workers are more energetic and motivated. They fought against the heat, worked harder on the front line and rushed to keep the production. They are the key to ensure the stable production effectively for S&L every hot summer.



Our new partner
As we all know, industrial mixers belong to customized equipment. Batch production with mechanical automation method is not easy. We keeps upgrading for fabricating equipments as more as possible. S&L use mechanical processing methods as more as possible, such as cutting, welding, sheet metal, polishing, etc.This can reduce the labor intensity of employees, down the human factors in daily fabrication, and help to guarantee the quality and lead time. 
This makes it possible to get higher proportion of mechanical automation production. This is just the core of S&L to win the market with excellent quality. In order to This summer, we are happy to have 2 new partners. One is the Welding Robot and another one is CNC optical fiber cutting machine. 


The Welding Robot
The operating radius can reach to 2.0 meters, which improves the welding appearance and quality, and production efficiency and safety are increased.


The CNC optical fiber cutting machine 
Super large format, 12mx2.5m
High precise cutting, environmental-friendly
Italian drive system, floating adjustment structure, ensures ultra-high precision cutting even for large-format processing


This September, here in Shanghai, S&L is waiting to provide you with professional high-class customized mixers. Contact us now! info@mixertec.com