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From the past to the present and even to the future, it is defined at a respectively high level for the production and processing of foodstuffs. Foodstuffs production refers to transform raw agricultural materials into products for intermediate or final consumption by applying labor, machinery, energy, and scientific knowledge. It must be safe, healthy and delicious.


It is obviously we now face the higher standards and more challenge from the market and consumer. It is critical to find more competitive and high efficient processing methods to win the market share. More and more consumers have higher expectations for product safety and quality. The potential for innovation lies mainly in the implementation of automation or new technologies for substance development. The preparation, process and mixing of various substances plays an important role here. S&L has extensive experience in the field of food ingredients, including the feeding, weighing, mixing and packaging of raw materials. Food mixing plant is different from chemical mixing, simple and easy to clean is the most important standard in the design of mixing plant.


Raw Material Feeding System
Normally, most food manufacturers will pre-weigh the main raw material and then feed into conveying system. As for small additives materials, they could be put in a weighing hopper and feed into mixer batch by batch. When our engineers design feeding system, cleaning matter is the first concern for customers. So, vacuum conveying is the best choice for food manufacturer rather than screw conveyor and other conveying ways because there is no any dead space and easy to clean. The basic design of vacuum conveying system is dump station with dust collector motor put on the ground and convey the raw material through food grade PU pipe. Then, we have a vacuum feeder connect with vacuum pump above mixer to discharge raw material into mixer. The advantage of vacuum conveyor is compact structure, no pollution, easy cleaning, save working time and save space. The worker can feed raw material on the ground and needn’t to get on platform to transfer the heavy raw material from ground to the platform. Furthermore, the PU pipe is food grade and easy to change when you need. 


Mixing System
According to the physical features of raw material, ribbon blender and plough mixer are popularly used in foodstuff industry. Ribbon blender is a kind of mild mixing machine with U shape vessel and double helix ribbon agitator which is better for light food powder such as milk powder, nutrition vitamins, flour, sugar and coffee powder. Furthermore, it will not break the physical size of raw material. Plough Mixer is a fast mixing machine with cylindrical shell with plough shovel welded or bolted on arms and the shaft runs at high speed to effect a fluidizing action. Moreover, there are several sets choppers to be installed on side of vessel to break agglomerates in the powder. The plough mixer is much better for powder mixing with liquid spraying. For example, some flour manufactures will add vegetable oil during mixing. However, for food mixer, there are following parts shall be highly concerned.


1) All material contact parts in the mixer shall be well polished with no cracks or crevices to trap product. The agitators are welded and then ground smooth with free flowing.

2) Seal part between two end parts of mixer shall be easy to change and to clean in the future. We suggest using food grade Teflon or PTFE material for seal and split housing design simplifies cleaning for applications requiring high levels of sanitation.

3) Trough Shaft without Flanges

4) Cover. It is available with a variety of custom cover designs. Features such as bar-style hinged covers, hinged bag dumps and hinged hood assemblies allow complete access for equipment wash down.

5) Cleaning Device. The mixer has cleanout door on the vessel for daily cleaning. The CIP cleaning system can also be installed on mixer if necessary but CIP is a complicated one and not suitable for all materials.



Packing System
There are two ways for packing. One is manual pack and another way is auto packing. Between mixer and packing machine, a transfer bin is necessary to store finished product.
The discharge valve on transfer bin is linked with package machine during material packing. Generally speaking, vertical screw package machine is popularly used in small weight packing. Shuanglong Group can provide multiple solutions according to customer’s requirement.


Processing Product

* Milk Powder

* Tea Mixing

* Grain

* Beverage

* Protein Powder

* Dry Flour

* Spice

* Tobacco

* Coffee

* Bakery

* Animal Feed

* Etc…

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