S&L Attend 2019 Staff Sports Meeting

S&L Attend 2019 Staff Sports Meeting

On the day of May 19th, 2019 Staff Sports Meeting was held by GuYi Garden Economy City. There are 29 enterprises and more than 450 athletes participated in 12 sports events. S&L, as a star enterprise, was invited to attend it. 
The events are both traditional and innovative. Everyone is enthusiastic and energetic. As a social hot topic, garbage classification has been integrated into a new interesting game. All this makes people pay more attention to this issue in daily life. For traditional events, such as playing table tennis, jumping rope and kicking shuttlecock show individual skills, while playing basketball is the best event to show teamwork.

S&L, the Winner

After many rounds intensive competitions, S&L entered finals for some events.
Finally, S&L got the 1st place in Basketball match, 4th place in Table Tennis and 2nd place in racing games.

S&L, the Star Enterprise

Shuanglong Group is the member of “GuYi Garden Economy City” in Nanxiang . The organization is named after the famous Guyi Garden, which is the most famous culture heritages with over 1000 years history in Nanxiang town, even in Chinese area.
Shuanglong grew with “Guyi Garden Economy City” and got awards and encourages from the organization many times, e.g. Best Enterprise in 2014; Special contribute in 2012; Well-developing in 2011.

S&L, Teamwork Spirit

Shuanglong wish each employee a healthy life and vigorous and energetic in working. Table tennis room and basketball match are always available for employees. 3 championships in 4 years is the best conclusion that Shuanlgong is a good team, whatever for basketball match, or for daily mixer fabricating. Shuanglong keeps providing good-quality mixer to all the customers with Top No.1 service.



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