S&L @ Powtech 2019

Exhibition Powtech 2019
On April 11, POWTECH 2019 successfully concluded in Nuremberg, Germany. This year, POWTECH again became the leading international exhibition in powder and bulk materials industry. During the three-day exhibition period, the total area of the exhibition company was about 26,700 square meters, and about 14,200 visitors (40% from outside Germany) enjoyed first-class exhibition projects and established effective contacts. Among the six exhibition halls of the Nuremberg Exhibition Center, 824 exhibitors from 35 countries demonstrated their innovative technologies and products.
S&L @ Powtech 2019
During the three-day show time, S&L mixer has attracted a group of foreign friends who have consulted our exhibited equipment. It is expected that the efforts of colleagues will pay off at the exhibition. In this exhibition, the four major products have all gone into battle, and they have shown S&L Processing technology in international exhibitions!
Focus products
At this exhibition, our fully pull-out mixer became the focus of attention.
Today, food safety issues have become a topic of particular concern. How to ensure food safety is a top priority for food machinery designers. All designs must be carried out considering health safety. Without food safety qualified machinery, food safety is impossible.
Our mixer with retractable rotoro design has the following features
- Fully pull-out shaft/Retractable rotor design, ease to have clean absolutely
- Huge opening for cleaning door for easy maintenance access
- Atomizing spraying work together with high speed chopper to have perfect coating on fine powder during mixing
- Food grade dust collector with Teflon filter bag
- Limit switch interlock guarantee safety operation
- Bomb door for discharging available to have fully empty and no residue.
S&L @ Powtech 2020
S&L,with reliable experience since 1989, provide you European style mixing equipment with China cost. Contact us to get customized solution from our S&L expert. Email: info@mixertec.com
We will see you @ Powtech 2020



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