Industrial mixer for raphite mixing shipped

Industrial mixer for graphite mixing shipped
Two huge double conical screw mixers are just finished and ready for shipment. The total volume is 25 M3, with ATEX qualified ABB motor, SEW gearbox, limit switch, and etc. This beautiful mixer was ordered by world-famous AMG Mining Group for batch difference solution of graphite mixing.
S&L DSH, conical screw mixer consists of one long screw and one short screw. The long screw lifts the material up and falls down with gravity. At the same time, the screw arms run slowly along the vessel. We provide heating or cooling jacket demand or vacuum requirement as well. Such kind mixer feature big capacity even reach to 30 cubic meter, which is helpful to solve the batch difference mixing.
Graphite mixing application
Graphene now is a hot topic in the New type Energy Sources study. Graphene is a two-dimensional honeycomb carbon material composed of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal shape. Carbon-carbon atoms are formed by sp2 hybridization, and their structure is very stable. Now it is widely used in different industries like pencils, fire retardant, battery, metallurgical and brake pads. This makes less environmental disruption and much more sustainability.
Previously, customer manufactured with HOSOKAWA. After investing in China, they got to know the Chinese brand S&L by some chance. We are appreciated and cherish this cooperation. This is good proof our S&L mixer is able to replace those imported mixers from Europe from now on.
The Agglomerate is one main technical challenge during the development of graphite application. Single-layer graphene is very thin and easy to agglomerate. It will reduce the conductivity and specific surface area of graphene, further affecting its application on many occasions.
In domestic or abroad market, many companies have increased their production and research of graphene. We believe that in the near future, graphene will be a regular ingredient in our daily life. We, S&L will cooperate with leading graphene development company in the mixing process.