How do we improve the mixing efficiency?

Mixing equipment is widely used in various industries for powder materials such as fine chemicals, food, life sciences, animal feeding, pesticides, dyes, building materials, etc. The first step is to select the appropriate mixer, for reasonable process design and electrical control can greatly improve the production efficiency and quality of final product. Let’s take a three-in-one coffee factory as an example to analyze how to improve the efficiency of mixing production.

Nowadays, instant coffee is more popular among consumers because of its convenience, which can be brewed and consumed anytime, anywhere. Instant coffee can make a variety of flavors with different recipe ratios such as latte, cappuccino, mocha, etc. However, the secret of these flavors is the various mixing ratio of ingredients.

Conveying Process

Considering the uniqueness of coffee, to avoid destroying the flavor of coffee powder during the conveying process, pipe chain conveyor is generally adopted, not only because it can reduce the destruction of coffee flavor, it can also save factory space and make the installation space most compact.


Raw material Preparation

There are more than ten kinds of raw material formulas in the instant coffee production line. First of all, each raw material must be weighed and stored, and the specified quantity of raw material must be accurately added to the mixer through the weighing sensor and dosing system. Suitable size of silo, system of weighing and feeding can greatly help customers save raw materials and shorten feeding time. The addition of each formula can be controlled by PLC program to ensure the added materials are accurate and traceable.


Mixing Process

There are two kinds of mixers that suitable for instant coffee: double-shaft paddle mixer WZ and horizontal ribbon mixer WLDH. The double-shaft paddle mixer can achieve best mixing effect in the shortest time, but compared to horizontal ribbon mixer, it is not convenient to clean up thoroughly. In order to solve this problem, S&L has developed the retractable double-shaft paddle mixer, which is convenient for daily deep cleaning. Horizontal ribbon mixer WLDH is relatively gentle mixing, with slower mixing speed than WZ, but low energy consumption and easy cleaning. In general, the two mixing equipment can be applied to the mixing of instant coffee. However, in terms of mixing efficiency, double-shaft paddle mixer WZ is more efficient and become the mainstream for mixing instant coffee.



Usually customers will choose the vertical combination scale packaging system for instant coffee packaging, because the multi-head combination scale is more conducive to pouch packaging and the packaging speed is faster and more accurate. The machine can automatically complete all the packaging processes such as product calculation, filling to bags, inflating or exhausting, date printing, and counting, etc.

Currently more and more customers are paying great attention to the automation and efficiency of production lines, which can greatly improve the working efficiency and reduce labor costs. We hope that there will be more and more unmanned factories in the future. At the same time, our mixing equipment is constantly being developed and progressed to provide users with efficient, concise and automated products.