How Plow Paddle Dryer products remove rust

Plow Paddle Dryer products is one of the commonly used equipment in the industrial industry. It is a kind of agitating paddle installed inside the equipment, which can make the wet material fully contact with the heat carrier and the hot surface under the agitation of the paddle, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. Generally, after using the drying equipment for a period of time, due to unreasonable protection and the effect of the surrounding environment, it will inevitably be rusted and corroded. If this problem occurs, we need to carry out rust removal treatment, so how should we do it?

Plow Paddle Dryer products

1. High-pressure water wear-resistant material derusting

We can use high-pressure water wear-resistant materials for rust removal. Its principle is mainly to use high-pressure jetting to derail cylinder corrosion and coating beating without causing damage to equipment. It is a common dryer rust removal method. Here we also need to remind everyone that construction steel is very easy to rust after derusting, so it needs to be derusted by coating.

2. Electric derusting

Use electric power as the driving force, use appropriate rust removal equipment, and carry out or distort the movement. This method can be used in many places, and it is relatively simple to operate and has a wide range of applications.

3. Organic chemical derusting method

Plow Paddle Dryer products can be pickled, passivated and derusted, using the chemical transformation of acid and hydroxide to remove rusted products on the surface of the drying equipment, which can only be operated in the workshop.