Heating Pad brings you warmth



Weather in these 2 weeks

You can easily get idea how the weather going here in Shanghai. -9℃ is the lowest temperature this year in Shanghai. In this cold winter, I have perfect solution for keeping warm. It is "Heating Pad"



What is a "Heating Pad"?

Just as the name implies, it's a tool for heating, also called warm sticker. The raw material layer can continuously release heat within 12-20 hours once exposed in oxygen. During the process, chemical energy is transformed into heat energy, which is the working principle. To make the temperature last longer, the mineral vermiculite is used for insulation.



How does Heating Pad work?

You see dark brown solids, including toner, NaCl solids, Fe2O3 solids, and magnesium - aluminum salts. Since no reaction allowed before using, the package design should be special, consisting of raw material layer, gelatin layer and non-woven fabric bag.


The non-woven fabric bag is made of micro-porous breathable film, with a conventional air-tight bag outside. Remove the package outside to make the non-woven bag exposed in the air, so the oxygen can enter through the permeable film.


The release time and temperature of heating are controlled by the oxygen permeability rate of the permeable film.



Famous "Heating Pad" Manufacturer

KobaXXXXX Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. is a company with more than 130 years history, mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of drugs, medical devices, daily necessities, food, etc. In 1998, the first production base in China was established, mainly supplying heating pad, ice sticker, aromatic agent and other products.



We are partner since 2006

The first purchased order S&L received from KobaXXXXX is a 4000L double-screw conical mixer (DSH-4) in 2006, and one after another S&L supplied 3 mixers with the same specification for their factories both in Japan and the USA.


Conical Screw mixer DSH is mainly used for mixing iron oxide, vermiculite and other solid raw materials, spraying liquid additives in the mixing process, and finally used for raw materials of heating pad.


In order to expand production in 2021, one new mixing machine is to be added for KobaXXXXX Hefei plant, also solidifying their No.1 position in Chinese market.



Equipment feature

- All contact part with raw material should be high grade stainless steel like SUS316L
- VFD control is a must to control the rotation speed
- Usually manual feeding and pneumatic discharging
- Liquid spraying system is necessary as well



Working principle of mixer

The conical double screw mixer (DSH) is composed of conical vessel, two internal screw agitators and driving parts. While rotating on its own axis (rotation), the agitator also makes planetary motion (revolution) along the inner wall of the conical vessel by means of the rotation of the screw arm around the center of the container. 


Through the rotation of the screw, the equipment repeatedly lifts the material, produces shear, convection, diffusion and other movements inside vessel, then achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.



Advantages of mixer

- Wide applications
- Large volume
- Minimized temperature rising of material
- Complete discharging
- Energy-saving